Rowhedge Free Table

A message from the resident who started this initiative in Rowhedge; Rowhedge free table day 1st Saturday of every month
What is it?
When I lived in Germany it was habit for households to put their unwanted goods outside on a set day each month for anyone else to take home.
There it was called Gift Day.
A trial run happened in Rowhedge on the first weekend in June. Children went home with new toys and books, parents went home with such things as chairs, cushions, picture frames, silk flowers and a veritable cornucopia of ‘gifts’.And…..conversations happened.
Last month a good few streets joined in with one or two tables.Tables went out at some between 8 and whenever people were ready.
Then the tables were ignored and taken back in at the end of the day slightly emptier.
Very simply, this works.Neighbours get to try out a gadget without buying it (think bread maker), landfill stays emptier, council jobs get lighter…….and community happens.
Want to join in? Put a table out…or not…..wander around the village and help yourself to whatever you fancy on the 6th July.
Post to the Rowhedge community group on Facebook if you would like to be added to the map to make sure people find you…..road name only 


And share pictures of your table on the day if you want to…..
Above all – have fun!

De sinsky

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