If you find something within the village, hand it in to us, or if you have lost something check with us here at the office to see if it has been handed in.

At the moment we have various items;**please note these are the dates they are handed in to us, not necessarily the dates they are lost/found**

  • November 2019 – a child’s handbag & blanket have been handed in.
  • August 2019 – silver door key & a black beaded earring.
  • 8th August 2018 – a door key with named key ring found outside 2 High Street
  • 6th August 2018 – a door key on a superhero key ring, found near the Donyland Way garages
  • 16th July 2018 – a fitbit dongle found on the rec
  • 8th June 2018, an electronic bracelet found in the burial ground
  • 6th June 2018 – a small wallet with foreign money in it, found on the rec
  • 6th June 2018 – a new bracelet with tags found in the woods at the new development
  • 13th April 2018 – a gold bangle on the footpath by the burial ground
  • 19th March 2018 – worry beads found on Pearsons Quay
  • 14th February 2018 – single silver & turquoise earring found near wharf area
  • 26th January 2018 – a silver expanding bracelet found near the container on the rec
  • 26th January 2018 – one charm on a silver bracelet found on footpath in Fingringhoe direction
  • 24th November 2017 – a walking stick found in the Jam Jar – some time ago
  • 22nd November 2017 – a dog tag
  • 7th November 2017 – small gold & red droplet earring, found on Rectory Rd
  • 6th November 2017 – handheld torch found on the recreation ground.