Colchester Bus Stop reallocation

Colchester Bus Stop reallocation

The County Council has been working in partnership with Colchester Borough Council and the commercial bus operators to make changes to the use of bus stops around Colchester. Key improvements will include bus service punctuality, reductions in bus stop congestion and better customer information in relation to the services using a bus stop.

The dates below detail the planned schedule for notifying the public of these changes:

  • Interested parties notification – 11 September
  • Initial public communications – 5 October
  • Follow up public communications – 10 October
  • Changes implemented – Sunday 21 October

Details of these changes will be added to the ECC website page : and publicly available from 05th October 2018, including information from press releases.

Because the relevant bus service registration changes will be published in the Traffic Commissioners Notices and Proceedings we are prepared respond to any queries raised by members of the public before 5 October.


I am pleased to attach a full letter giving details of the forthcoming changes, together with some common questions we anticipate will be asked.  However, to enable our communications strategy to have the desired outcome, I would be grateful if you could please redirect any queries you receive to the website in the first instance.

If you have any queries please contact:

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