Rowhedge Recyclers

This week we are shining a light on our pet food pouch collection. It is one of the most significant collections down at the Crows Nest and we’re grateful for everyone who makes the effort to regularly deposit their cleaned pouches into the correct bin. Please remember the importance of cleaning the pouches first. Just one dirty pouch can contaminate all the others, which means the entire collection needs to be cleaned (by hand) by our heroic pet-food volunteers, Charmienne and Penny. We also now ask that you wrap your pouches in newspaper or pop them in a plastic bag, which will help prevent contamination in the unfortunate case that someone else deposits a dirty pouch.
Have you ever wondered what happens to your pet food pouches when you drop them at the Crows Nest? Instead of going to landfill they are taken to en-form in Colchester and then sent away to Terracycle, where they are turned  into plastic granules.These granules can then be used to build shiny new things, like benches and fence posts.

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