Agendas are published five days in advance of the council’s scheduled meetings. After each meeting, draft minutes are produced and circulated, before being agreed at the next meeting of the council or committee. Any attachments to the agendas or meeting notes are available on request. Please see below for agendas and minutes of each meeting:

Full Council Meetings

Last meeting: 14 October 2021

Next meeting: 11 November – agenda to follow

Previous meeting minutes:

Maintenance Committee

Last meeting:16 June 2021

Next meeting:20 October 2021

Previous meeting minutes:

Finance & Personnel Committee

Last meeting: 11 March 2021

Next meeting: 13 May 2021 – Agenda to follow

Previous meeting minutes:

All other meetings

Heritage Hut Meeting 06.01.16

Minutes from Parish Assembly 26th April 2018Agenda

Minutes from Parish Assembly 27th April 2017Agenda