All our rubbish collections are carried out by Colchester Borough Council, and take place on a Wednesday morning. For full details of the different collections, to report missed collections and all other information about the service, please click here for a link to Colchester Borough Council’s refuse and recycling webpages.

Click Here to order your recycling stock.  Once you have an order reference come to the Crow’s Nest (1 Regent Street, Monday, Wednesday or Friday 9.30-11.30am) to pick it up.

We do have a problem in the village with wildlife tearing open rubbish bags left outside overnight, or bags placed in narrow streets being run over by cars. Please can you help by putting out your rubbish bags on a Wednesday morning wherever possible, and ensuring that they are placed out of the way of traffic. All uncollected rubbish should be removed from the street as soon as possible and not left until the following week.

Clothing Recycling

We now have a textile recycling bank, located in the community car park next to the Village Hall. Please donate any clean unwanted clothing, shoes, bedding and towels to raise funds to help support Essex Air Ambulance. Please put your items in a bag before donating them, e.g. a bin liner or carrier bag, to help keep them dry and protected.
This also helps save the environment by reducing waste at landfill sites, and provides an affordable clothing supply to communities worldwide.  It is estimated that more than 1 million tonnes of textiles are send to landfill each year. Good quality items which can be reused are sold to second-hand clothing traders in the UK and worldwide. ‘End of life’ garments are recycled into industrial wipers and cloths, mattress filling, insulation and new fibres.